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Midwifery, Pregnancy & Birth




Read this online guide to the most frequently asked questions about midwives and doulas.

The Midwifery Model

Midwives traditionally regard pregnancy and childbirth as a normal process in healthy women, most of whom can safely deliver without routine interventions. Here is a chart outlining the essential differences between the "Midwifery Model" and "Medical Model" of childbirth care.

Managed Care

"I practice midwifery care, not managed care..." Dana Ericson, CNM


What is a doula? What are the proven benefits of having one attend your birth? Get answers to your questions here.




Drinking enough water is absolutely critical during pregnancy. Find out why it is so important and figure out how much you should be drinking on a daily basis.



You may know that during pregnancy you need to provide your growing baby with the nutrients, energy, and environment that will help him or her get the best possible start in life. Discover what experts are also saying about the effects of prenatal nutrition on the health of your child later on in life.

Healthy Weight Gain

Gaining enough, but not too much, weight is essential to the health of your baby now and later in his or her life. Get information on recommended weight gain based on your Body Mass Index (BMI)


Positions for Birth

How many times have you seen images of women lying on their backs during labor and delivery? This page will tell you about the benefits of alternative birth positions, particularly the upright- or "squatting" position.


Midwife and Doulas Services offers pregnant women the opportunity to labor and/or birth in water. How does this work? Read up on waterbirths and view an awesome photo journal of a recent birth here.

Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC)

Did you know that your option to experience Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) in Des Moines area hospitals is severely limited? Here's an editorial about the local situation.




Of course you've heard that "breast is best." Read an interview with a local La Leche League co-leader and find out some things about breastfeeding that you might not know!


How much do you know about circumcision? Don't allow anyone to perform this procedure on your son until you know what it means, how it feels, and its short- and long-term effects on babies and on the men they will grow up to be.


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