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Midwifery, Pregnancy & Birth :: Circumcision

Mother and Son


"Infant male circumcision is the most commonly performed surgery in the U.S. -- about 3,000 every day. Nearly sixty percent of all male newborns are routinely circumcised. The practice is thousands of years old, rationalized by religion, medical theory, and sexual repression. It has seemed like a good thing to do, a 'simple' way to help your baby."

From Circumcision Exposed: Rethinking a Medical & Cultural Tradition by Billy Ray Boyd


Many new parents aren't aware of the harsh reality of this procedure and the effect it has on their precious newborn son. To get a clear understanding of what circumcision is all about, why it happens, and why it matters, we highly recommend reading Billy Ray Boyd's book, "Circumcision Exposed."

NOCIRC has produced a new 20-minute video narrated by Dr. Dean Edell.  To view this movie, click here.

The Midwife & Doula Services Stance on Circumcision

Midwife and Doula Services is no longer involved in making arrangements for the circumcision of newborns. We strongly believe that there is no medical indication for this procedure and cannot support the practice.