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Midwifery, Pregnancy & Birth :: Doulas

A doula is a professional labor companion. Doula is a Greek word meaning "in service of." Historically women have turned to other women as they brought their babies into the world. With the advent of hospital birth, some that continuous emotional and physical support was lost in technology and hospital procedures. Doula Services return this personalized care to a woman and her family. A doula does not replace a woman's partner but works with the whole family to promote the best experience possible.

Virginia Traxler encourages a laboring mom

Numerous medical studies have proven that having a doula present at birth enhances the well-being of the mother and child. Some of the proven benefits are:

  • A 50% decrease in Cesarean deliveries.
  • A 25% decrease in the length of labor.
  • A 40% decrease in pitocin use.
  • Greater success with breastfeeding.
  • A 40% decrease in the use of forceps and vacuum extraction.
  • Increased maternal and paternal bonding with the baby.
  • A 60% decrease in mothers' requests for epidurals and a 30% decrease in their requests for pain medication.