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Midwifery, Pregnancy & Birth :: Waterbirth- A Gentle Beginning to a New Life

Midwife and Doula Services began offering expectant parents the option of a waterbirth in October 2000. This new offering is one of many options available to women choosing to have their babies with me.

Scenes from a Recent Waterbirth


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What is waterbirth?

Waterbirth is one of the choices a woman can make during the birth of her child. A woman can labor and birth in a large pool of warm water. The warm water helps the woman relax and decreases the pain and stress of labor.

How does birth occur under water?

The mother will be in the pool during the second stage of labor (pushing). The midwife will assist in the birth. As soon as the baby is fully born he/she is lifted out of the water and placed on mom's chest. If desired, they may stay together in the water while they get to know each other. The warm water keeps the baby warm.

Is waterbirth safe?

At this time, it is estimated that more than 50,000 babies have been born under water throughout the world. There have been no reports of life-threatening complications for either mother or baby.

Do women like waterbirth?

YES! Most women who have had a waterbirth say they would use it again for their next birth. Some people feel that waterbirth is a very gentle birth and babies seem much more relaxed and quiet when birthed in water.

How does the baby breathe?

A baby will not take a breath when it is born under water. The baby will start to breathe when his/her face comes in contact with the air. Until the baby is lifted out of the water, he/she gets its oxygen from the mother through the umbilical cord.

What is the pool like?

The pool is a large vinyl type pool that measures 5 feet across and is 27 inches deep. It is large enough to hold three adults comfortably. It has a heating system to keep the water temperature constant.

Waterbirth pool

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